Who is Governor Frits Goedgedrag?

image_gouv.jpgMr. Frits Goedgedrag was born in Aruba in 1951. He is married to Dulcie Terborg and they have 3 sons.

Mr. Frits Goedgedrag has had a long career in the public administration of the Netherlands Antilles. After having begun his career as a legislation lawyer at the Department of Legal & General Affairs of the Government of the Netherlands Antilles, he moved to Bonaire at the beginning of the eighties. He first served as Secretary of the Island Territory of Bonaire and subsequently, from 1992, as Lieutenant-Governor of the Island Territory of Bonaire. After one term of six years, he became Procurator General of the Netherlands Antilles and this brought him back to Curaçao. From July 1, 2002 untill October 10th, 2010, he was the last Governor of the Netherlands Antilles. Since October 10th, 2010, he has been in office as the first Governor of Curaçao.


  • Companion of the Order of Orange-Nassau
  • Honorary Member the Curaçao Rotary Club
  • Naval Forces medal Almirante Luis Brion of the Naval Force of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  • Honorary medal Person of the Year of the Bonaire Lions’ Club